VIDEO Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Today, more than 70% of the content viewed on the Internet is in video. And more than 70% of the videos viewed on the Internet are on mobile devices. In other words, video is THE essential medium of today's communication, be it institutional or commercial. That is good because at ACE, we love making videos! Here is an interview with one of the specialists in mobile video, Laurent Clause.

Video Content for your business?

Do you need to create more impactful video content to deliver your messages? Talk about your activity? Present your services? The employees of your company? Your universe? For your employees? Your customers? For the launch of a product? A particular event? Tell us about your situation, your desires and goals. We will put then our brains to the boil to realize or help you achieve - because we can also teach you the basics - the video content you need.

But to tell you the truth, video is much more than just these few lines. Video is the Life that moves, that speaks, that speaks to you. It's direct and immediate. And if it is well done, well, it snatches you, PAF, transports you and makes you travelling. Without moving from your smartphone (because you are still watching TV screen you?). And that is how we design the creation of a video. Yeah.

Does it speak to you? It's over there!