Vénusia CEO & Communicator


Here is the part where we make the presentations. I am doing so.

Venusia, Happy Founder & Art Director

I first made a perfect description for Linkedin where I resumed my academic and professional background, with studies in management and communication of course to reassure those who need to be (but if it is the case, I think it is not going to match between us), business companies that sound good for a little cranking and full of amazing qualities to my glory in view to flatter my ego. 
And then finally, no, I will do otherwise. I will let those who know me speak.


I have

"10 ideas per minute" (it smokes sometimes up there) "my temper" (general accompanied by an unattractive epithet)

I am

"Turbo-active" (because hyperactive is so already-seen), "a little perched" (not a bit I would add), "on orbit, in another galaxy" (but that is totally normal, remember my name) "Madame Chocolat" (those who know me, know that chocolate is indeed the core basis of my daily diet)

It is necessary

"to learn to follow me" (very good exercise to stimulate the brain, this one) and "to know how to take me" (it's not so complicated... Well, said like that, I recognize that it can sound a little weird. I am hearing again Mom choke with the clafoutis she just made... Take a glass of water Mom, it will pass).


I "wear well my name" (Thanks Mom, thanks Dad... And thanks Goldorak).

The ACE adventure is only possible thanks to the ABSOLUTELY awesome people who joined me in my shuttle (if you have not guessed, I'm in a galactic metaphor there). Passionate, allergic to boredom and conventional like me, they realize every day the feat of following me, my turbo-activity and my mood sometimes (only sometimes, I reassure you) milk soup and slightly anxious. And for that, I LOVE them. And I say THANK YOU.

    Stephanie Account Director

    Stephanie, Happy Account Director

    Efficiency and logic, with a fine understanding of situations and people but also the patience of an angel. Passionate about new horizons, thoughtful epicurean, she likes to check mails on a sunny terrace of a nice café, sipping a Latte Macchiato with a touch of Coco topping, butterfly sunglasses and pretty high heels, because it's still definitely more glamorous like that. And she loves chocolate like me.

    Laura Art Adviser

    Laura, Happy Art Adviser

    Passionate about Art and Creation in all its forms, Laura is the voice of wisdom. The last issue of the Kunst Bulletin, a Genmaicha green tea, a dome of delicate chocolates – we are what we eat – a Moleskine notebook and Caran d'Ache pencil on the table, Laura has the ear and the eye seasoned of the lynx, at once lively and majestically serene. If the expression "to be of good counsel" should take human form, it would undeniably be her. A Yoda Master, in female version. But sexier and definitely with more hype.