MOTION Movie Star


A powerful and innovative Video Content is essential today for any communication strategy. Incorporating Motion can increase its reach and the creative possibilities are extremely broad! Which is quite good when you are turbocreative (this word was specially created for us) as we are at ACE!

Motion for your business?

Do you need to create video content that is more impactful to deliver your messages? For your employees? For your customers? For the launch of a product? A particular event? A video designed with Motion or Pure Motion is an innovative way fulfill this need by differentiating creatively. Tell us about your situation, your desires and goals. And let us surprise you!

I have to warn you again: If you want Daddy's Motion, ready for use, or even premature, DO NOT COME TO US. We can certainly do it if you really insist, but frankly, it would be a shame, for you, as for us. Why? Well, because life is too short to do Bullshit!

Does it speak to you? It's over there!

A quick tour of the Motion Lexicon


An Explainer is an explanatory video of a service or product. It is particularly adapted to the scientific (or quite boring) themes because it makes it possible to decomplexify the technicality of an object, thanks to the animated visualization. It also makes the presentation of a service much more dynamic, thanks to the playful and warm aspect of the animated image... But that is just possible, when it is perfectly mastered of course…;-).

3D Mapping

3D Mapping is a projection on a surface (building, canvas, wall) of an animation. It can, for example, be associated with a live performance as part of the scripting of a Brand or Corporate event.

Logo Animation

The animation of a logo allows not only to create visual identification elements that can be integrated into any video brand content production, but also to translate the spirit of the logo much more prominently. The animation of the logo reinforces the significant scope of the latter and is itself a vector of meaning.

Puppets Animation

A Puppets Animation is an animation from puppets (thanks God I am explaining it to you). This is a real work of goldsmith, requiring patience (a lot) and an undeniable artistic sense. And the good point here is that we have both.

Painting Animation

Painting Animation is the animation of a pictorial work. It requires a consequent work on the image in order to obtain a rendering as natural as possible.

Video Editing

Video Editing consists of integrating Motion into a classic video. The editing of a video makes possible to invigorate the message while accentuating its purpose, in a targeted way, relevant but always dosed (point too much of it)!

The Motion can take the most diverse and varied forms. The ingredients for a successful Motion? A true technical mastery, creativity and an undeniable artistic sensitivity... We have all the three – I already told you that, but I won’t say it enough – which is rather practical for you.